The Carbon Benefits Project (CBP) provides tools for agriculture, forestry and land management projects to estimate the impact of their activities on climate change mitigation (carbon stock changes and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions). The tools are free to use and user friendly. The CBP modeling tools were developed by Colorado State University and partners under a Global Environment Facility co-financed project implemented by the United Nations Environment Program. 

The CBP tools are linked to the WOCAT database of sustainable land management practices meaning you can import WOCAT technologies into the CBP.


The Carbon Benefits Project has different options for assessing the C benefits and greenhouse gas emissions of a project: 

A simple assessment - Suitable for a quick assessment at any stage, including proposals.

A detailed assessment- Suitable for detailed reporting in projects with a reasonable focus on climate change mitigation.

It also has socio-economic tools - a Cost Benefit Analysis and a DPSIR