Quick Guide

Click Quick Guide to download a quick guide to the CBP tools which includes:

  1. The methodology the tools use
  2. Input and output data 
  3. A step-by-step guide to using the tools
  4. Advantages of using the tools

CBP Online Training Videos

All CBP Training Videos are on You Tube on The Carbon Benefits Platform. Videos are available in English and Russian 


CBP training videos  1-3 in English 

CBP training videos 5-6 in English 

Uploading a CBP report to WOCAT (1:08:27) 


CBP training in Russian Day 1 

CBP training in Russian Day 2 

CBP training in Russian Day 3 


CBP Online Training Slides

Data Collection

Below are some forms which can be used to collect land management information (Activity Data) needed to run the CBP tools. Forms are in English or Spanish. Thank-you to Marco Flores Maldonado and Matias Bosio for the Spanish Translation. 







Perennial Cropland

Trees in Settlements



Ganaderia formato

Pastizales formatos

Tierra Cultivo formato

Tierras forestales formato